• 5 AXIS Machining Centres
    • AXseries

      The AX 5 Axis Machining Centre have a traditional trunnion style rotary table with 4 different sizes available within the range. The AX range comes with quality, accuracy and reliability as standard.

      The AX range is equipped with hollow ball screws incorporating through ball screw cooling to ensure accuracy and repeatability on machining cycles. The range also benefits from an innovative pneumatic counter balance system that is designed reduce vibration in the Z axis movement, resulting in high surface finishes.

      As with all Pinnacle machines the AX 5 Axis machining centre is designed with oversized castings, ball screws and guideways to ensure the rigidity of the machine, as a result you can expect a Pinnacle machine to provide exceptional accuracy and reliability for many years.

      The Spindle is available in a number of configurations allowing the user to specify a variant which is best suited to their particular machining application. Options include both built in spindle and direct drive with speeds ranging between 10,000 Rpm and 24,000 Rpm. The spindle is available as BT40 or HSK63.

      All of the spindles are equipped with spindle oil coolers to help them perform at their best and maintain accuracy regardless of the machining cycle.

      The range is available with a choice of different sized tool magazines ranging from 24 tools up to 40 tools.


    • BXseries

      5-AXIS Machining Center



  • The rigid and precision spindle is driven by a powerful inverter motor.
  • 60″ x 12″ working table with ground T-slots.
  • High rigid precision spindle driven by 5 HP powerful motor X,Y axes are driven by inverter motors.
  • NT40# spindle taper.
  • The X, Y and Z axes slideways and top of working surface are hardened and ground.
  • Square slideways on column and knee.
Table 1524 x 305 mm
Longitudinal 800 mm
Cross 400 mm
Vertical 380 mm
Taper NT40#
Dia. of Quill 100 mm
Spindle Travel 127 mm
Spindle Nose to Table Surface 80-460mm
Spindle Center to Column 180-750mm
Main Motor for Inverting 3.75 Kw
Inverter 3.75 Kw
Variable Speed 70 – 4200 R.P.M.
Quill Feeds Per. Rev. of Spindle 0.004 – 0.008 – 0.15 mm
Feed Motro ( X, Y, Z – Axis ) 0.375 KW / 0.375 KW / 0.2 KW
Feed Rate ( X, Y – Axis ) Min: 20 mm/min Max.: 2200 mm/min
Swivel Angle to Right & Left 90°
Swivel Angle to Front & Back 45°
Approximate Net Weight 1550 Kgs
  • Cooling pump system
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Way chip protectors
  • Chip tray
  • Tool box with tools
  • Halogen worklight
  • Electric control cabinet with operation panel
  • Mitsubishi M80
  • FAGOR 8055iFL
  • SIEMENS 828D