• 5 AXIS Machining Centres
    • AXseries

      The AX 5 Axis Machining Centre have a traditional trunnion style rotary table with 4 different sizes available within the range. The AX range comes with quality, accuracy and reliability as standard.

      The AX range is equipped with hollow ball screws incorporating through ball screw cooling to ensure accuracy and repeatability on machining cycles. The range also benefits from an innovative pneumatic counter balance system that is designed reduce vibration in the Z axis movement, resulting in high surface finishes.

      As with all Pinnacle machines the AX 5 Axis machining centre is designed with oversized castings, ball screws and guideways to ensure the rigidity of the machine, as a result you can expect a Pinnacle machine to provide exceptional accuracy and reliability for many years.

      The Spindle is available in a number of configurations allowing the user to specify a variant which is best suited to their particular machining application. Options include both built in spindle and direct drive with speeds ranging between 10,000 Rpm and 24,000 Rpm. The spindle is available as BT40 or HSK63.

      All of the spindles are equipped with spindle oil coolers to help them perform at their best and maintain accuracy regardless of the machining cycle.

      The range is available with a choice of different sized tool magazines ranging from 24 tools up to 40 tools.


    • BXseries

      5-AXIS Machining Center



DV14 series Double Column Machining center that fully combines heavy cutting and high speed machining capabilities in one. The DV14 series is a profitable performer especially excellent for precision machining for extra heavy parts. To ensure maximum stability when handling heavy parts machining, the five major structural parts of the machine are manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron and ductile iron. The specially designed machine structure enables the machine to keep at the best accuracy condition after years of operation. With the roller type linear guide ways on X, Y, Z axis, the machine fully exhibits it heavy loading resistance and outstanding features.

To meet the high speed, high precision machining requirement, the DV14 series employs a direct-drive high speed spindle. This combines with a high / low speed gearbox for transmission with the wide speed range. It makes the machine ideal for high speed machining. In addition, the gearbox also provides high torque output, permitting the machine to perform heavy cutting with ease. The spindle head on the DV14 series is designed with advanced automatic compensation balancing system combined with the use of accumulator to control hydraulic cylinder, allowing the spindle to move smoothly and steadily at all times.

  • All major structural parts are manufactured from high quality cast iron with tempering tread to relieve stress, ensuring maximum material stability without deformation.
  • Box type structural parts are rib reinforced to increase structural strength and rigidity.
  • Extra heavy base complete support of table and resists heavy load without deformation.
  •   X, Y, Z axis are mounted with roller type linear ways combined with extra wide between ways for added stability
  • The spindle head is a box-type construction that increases stability when performing heavy loading.
  • The linear ways on Z axis are specially designed with side layout to upgrade rigidity of the spindle head.
  • This spindle running is transmitted through a gear box, making the machine excellent for heavy cutting applications.
  • Wide spindle speed range from 10 to 6,000 rpm permit the machine to perform heavy cutting and fine finishing.
  • All gears and bearings in the gear box are oil-bath lubricated.
  • The magazine is driven by a precision cam, featuring fast and accurate tool positioning.
  • Tool selection is bi-directional and random for fast tool change.
  • The magazine accepts ISO 50 tool shank.
  • The magazine is separately mounted from the cutting area combined with a protection door to prevent tools contamination from chips or coolant.
MODEL DV1417 DV1422 DV1432 DV1442
Travel Ranges (X x Y x Z mm) 1700 x 1400 x 900 2200 x 1400 x 900 3200 x 1400 x 900 4200 x 1400 x 900
Spindle Nose to table Surface (mm) 160~1060 160~1060 110~1010 110~1010
Spindle Center to Column (mm) 404 404 404 404
Distance between Column (mm) 1400 1400 1400 1400
Table Size (mm) 1700 x 1200 2200 x 1200 3200 x 1200 4200 x 1200
T Slot  (W D x N mm  ) 22 x 150 x7 22 x 150 x7 22 x 150 x7 22 x 150 x7
Max. Table Load (kg/m2) 5000 5000 8000 8000
Tool Shank & Pull Stud ISO50 ISO50 ISO50 ISO50
Spindle Inner Diameter (mm) Ø100 Ø100 Ø100 Ø100
Spindle Speed (rpm) Gear 8000 8000 8000 8000
Draw Bar Force (Kgf) 1800 1800 1800 1800
Main Motor (con/30 min Kw) 15/18.5 15/18.5 15/18.5 15/18.5
Rapid Feed Rate (X/Y/Z m/min) 20/20/20 16/20/20 16/20/20 12/20/20
Feed Rate (X/Y/Z/ mm/min) 10000 10000 10000 10000
Mitsubishi (X/Y/Z/ kW) HF703 7.0 HF703 7.0 HF703 7.0 HF703 7.0
Fanuc α 30/3000i 7.0 α 30/3000i 7.0 α 30/3000i 7.0 α 30/3000i 7.0
Siemens 1FK7 103 7.0 1FK7 103 7.0 1FK7 103 7.0 1FK7 103 7.0
Fagor FXM75.20 7.0 FXM75.20 7.0 FXM75.20 7.0 FXM75.20 7.0
Heidenhain QSY 190D 9.6 QSY 190D 9.6 QSY 190D 9.6 QSY 190D 9.6
ATC Type DISK / Chain DISK / Chain DISK / Chain DISK / Chain
Cam Type Arm Arm Arm Arm
Tool Selection (Bi-direction) Random Random Random Random
Tool Storage Capacity (PCs) 24/32 24/32 24/32 24/32
Max. Tool Diameter (mm) Ø115/ Ø127(Ø160/ Ø250)
Max. Tool Length 350
Max. Tool Weight 20
Air Requirement (Kg/cm2) 6 6 6 6
Hydraulic Requirement (Kg/cm2, L) 60, 40L 60, 40L 60, 40L 60, 40L
Voltage 220 220 220 220
Power Requirement (KVA) 50 50 50 50
Coolant Tank Capacity (L) 900 900 900 900
Machine Weight (KGs) 15500 16000 17000 18000
Machine Height (mm) 4500
Floor Space (L x W mm) 5800 x 4150 6090 x 4150 8130 x 4150 10310 x 4150
  • Air blast through spindle
  • Coolant system
  • Full splash guard
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Working lamp
  • Operation status light
  • Rigid tapping
  • Z axis pneumatic balance system
  • Air gun / water gun
  • MPG handwheel
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • B Axis Rotary Encoder
  • C Axis Rotary Encoder
  • Hollow ball screws with cooling system
  • RS-232 interface