Haimer Tool Holders Available From Pinnacle

Haimer Tool Holders

Haimer Tool Holders Available From Pinnacle

Purchase your Pinnacle Machine and Haimer products together.

Haimer Tool Holders. At Pinnacle CNC Machine Tools we appreciate that buying your 3 or 5 axis machining centre is just one facet of the implementation of your new machinery investment and that in order to get the very best from your shiny new Pinnacle Machine Tool you will also need quality tool holders and associated equipment.

Invest in Tooling

New tooling is an important investment and the purchase of a new machine often leads to the investment in tool holders to be used in conjunction with your new machine. The cost of such equipment can increase the total project cost of implementing a new machine into a factory. For many buyers the purchase of such tooling is worth including into the capital cost and finance of the new machine.

Pinnacle CNC Machine Tools are collaborating with Haimer to bring Haimer products into the capital investment of a new Pinnacle Machine. You can now order your Pinnacle machine and choose to include your choice of Haimer Tool Holders, Cutting Tools, Pre-setters, Shrinking Technology, Balancing Machines and Measurement Instruments into the new machine package.

This collaboration means that you can include the costs of Haimer products into the overall capital investment in a new Pinnacle Machine Tool. This is particularly useful if you are financing your machine with an asset finance company as the costs can all be included into 1 finance package.

Precision Tool Holders

Haimer are at the forefront of precision tool holders and provide a truly world class product that can be relied upon for both quality and value. Haimer tool holders are available in all popular interfaces and lengths. They also provide a range of associated products such as pre-setters, balancing machines for tool holders, shrinking machines, sensors and solid carbide cutting tools.

The Highest Quality Tool Holders

Haimer are a family owned medium sized business with a a manufacturing site located in Igenhausen, Germany. In addition to this Haimer have regional offices in over 15 different countries worldwide and employ over 800 people. They are committed to innovation and invest 8-10% of their revenue into research and development to continuously improve their products.

We are pleased to offer Haimer products as they supply the highest quality equipment in their field. Haimer also shares the same passion for quality, innovation and reliability as Pinnacle CNC Machine Tools.

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