Focus SB Invest in Vertical Machining Centre to Manufacture New Range of Products

Focus SB Invest in Vertical Machining Centre to Manufacture New Range of Products

Pinnacle LV8 VMC installed at Focus SB

Acquiring the LV8 Vertical Machining Centre

Focus SB have invested in a Pinnacle LV8 Vertical Machining Centre. The Pinnacle LV8 is a linear guide ways machine that provides rapid tool change and high accuracy for demanding machining applications. The machine has been supplied as part of a turn key solution to which includes a collaborative robot to enhance manufacturing efficiency.

Pinnacle’s full turnkey solutions are providing programming, fixtures, tooling, and the setting up of the machine. Providing the full turn key service means our customers can expect their machine to be installed correctly and have the suitable tools needed for their production. Pinnacle strives on finding solutions for businesses and specialises in designing an implementing highly efficient manufacturing processes.

Full Turnkey Solution

We are excited that Focus SB have also invested in a Universal Collaborative Robot, to work alongside the LV8 machine. Allowing full automation for the machine, with the cobot loading and unloading parts onto the machining table. This will allow Focus SB to save time and increase their productivity. The capabilities of the cobot include a payload of 12.5kg, with a reach of 1300mm. With 6 rotating joints it allows a range of different movements to be easily performed, offering versatility and manoeuvrability.

A Pinnacle machine is a large investment for any company, but an investment that can change the capabilities of a business. Pinnacle find solutions to problems, offering full turnkey solutions for businesses and modifications to any Pinnacle machine to suit specific business needs. Focus SB have opted for a Heidenhain control system for their LV8 Machining Centre. This system is user-friendly and together with its uniform digital design and its integrated digital drive control including inverters, it enables you to reach very high machining speeds and the best possible contour accuracy—particularly when machining 3-D contours. Focus SB also added 20 bar coolant and a BLUM probe to make tool setting and monitoring precise.

Insight into Focus SB

Focus SB are a multi-award-winning British premium electrical accessories manufacturer, based in East Sussex. Offering bespoke products to different industries, such as hospitality and building automation. Since 2017, Focus SB have been the first and only British and European manufacturer to gain CQC factory accreditation to supply and sell wiring accessories to China’s luxury construction marketplace. The bespoke making of these light switches, sockets and home automation control systems accessories makes a Pinnacle machine suitable due to the machining versatility when using the LV8. Having the ability to machine unmanned it allows maximum production, working alongside the cobot for a continual production line

Learn more about Focus SB here: Designer electrical wiring accessories, UK | Focus SB Ltd (

Pinnacle UK have similar values to Focus SB, high quality is of high importance. Focus SB have the quality management system – ISO 9001:2015 registration, this shows that Focus SB meet customers needs to a constant quality level. Recently they have been recognised for their product design, after they were shortlisted for the SBID international design award in 2021. After manufacturing a latching push button switch, which was a one-of-a-kind light switch in the market, this got them recognised for their production which they are creating.

Focus SB have a cliental of high-end customers and have grown a reputation of producing high-quality light switches and faceplates, with the unique ability to match finishes across multiple control, hospitality and security products.  A Pinnacle CNC machine will allow them to meet customer needs with a reduced lead time, enabling the company to take on more orders and grow.

Focus SB support a variety of industries as stated previously. Being selected to manufacture for some of the finest heritage, luxury hospitality and prime residential interiors mean quality is of high priority for the business. Pinnacle prides itself on build quality, to continuously provide precision machining for our customers. Light switches are a product of continuous need, and demand is always there for supply.

The Pinnacle LV8 will benefit Focus SB to increase their production numbers, reduce the need of human interaction and lower their lead times.

Investing in a robot to work alongside the LV8, reduces the need for human interaction. With the cobot having the ability to load and unload parts into the machine, it eliminates the need for constant human interaction.

Pinnacle machines are here to offer full turnkey solutions, basic machines are rarely sold, it is about building the machine to the business needs. The Pinnacle name reflects in the performance of our machines, Pinnacle = Peak, with our machines offering peak performance we are proud of the machining capabilities of our machines!

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