5 Axis Machining Embedded Rotary Tables

5 Axis Embedded Rotary Table

5 Axis Machining Embedded Rotary Tables

The Embedded Rotary Table

As  5 Axis machining becomes more and more popular, Pinnacle is really starting to stand out from the crowd. The unique feature of a centrally located embedded rotary table is something that is quite rare in the market but is really gaining attention for its flexibility in a machining centre.

Pinnacle Machine Tools first pioneered the embedded rotary table in 2011 and since then the configuration has been proven by Pinnacle CNC machine tools customers world wide. 5 Axis machining cycles are more versatile using a embedded rotary table.

Patented Design

One of the differentiating factors of Pinnacle’s 5 Axis capability is our unique patented design embedded rotary table. The embedded rotary table which is available on the BX range and DU range of machines is centrally located within the traditional style table.

The rotary table is powered by a high torque direct drive servo motor which ensures machining accuracy. The embedded C axis is available on the BX 500, BX700 and BX900 machines as well as the DU range.

Larger and Heavier Work Pieces

The embedded C axis rotary and the standard T slot table are located on the same plane, which allows the machine to accommodate larger and heavier work pieces.

Accuracy of o.oo1º is achieved by using a high rigidity bearing and hydraulic braking system

Optional Turning Function

The versatility of this configuration is further improved in the BX700T and BX900T which have an option turning function allowing for milling and turning on the same machine.

The rotary tables are available in ⌀500, ⌀630, and ⌀800 configurations on the BX range and up to ⌀1200 on the DU range of travelling column machines.


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