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Vertical Machining Centres

The LV range of machines are not only suitable for high volume production line applications, but they are also ideal for smaller factories and machine shops. If you are serious about increasing machining productivity and profits, the Pinnacle linear way series LV can really help you.

Vertical Machining Centre
Horizontal Machining Centre

Horizontal Machining Centre

Focussed on high accuracy the rotary table employs three-piece teeth plate for high accuracy indexing. The three-piece teeth plate combined with hydraulic locking mechanism allows full teeth engagement. This results in higher rigidity and increases heavy cutting capacity.

5 AXIS Machining Centres

The BX500 5 Axis Machining centre has been designed to provide outstanding performance, the machine benefits from the unique and extremely versatile C Axis and B Axis design. As with all Pinnacle machines, the build quality is extremely high with oversized ball screws, guideways and utilisation of 6 rolling shoes on the X and Y axis. Stability to the Z axis is provided through a pressurised pneumatic counterbalance system which ensures smooth movement and excellent surface finish.

5 Axis machining Centre
5 axis moving column machining Centre

5-Axis Moving Column Machining Centre

The Pinnacle DU series is designed to provide high-efficiency and high-accuracy machining of complex workpieces with only a single workpiece setup. This means reduced setup time and increased machine accuracy. This machine integrates many fine features, including: moving beam structure, 45° swivelling spindle head which provides high precision 5-axis machining and 15000 RPM built-in type-high speed spindle.

Double column machining centre

The DV14 series is a profitable performer especially excellent for precision machining for extra heavy parts. To ensure maximum stability when handling heavy parts machining, the five major structural parts of the machine are manufactured from high-quality Meehanite cast iron and ductile iron. The specially designed machine structure enables the machine to keep at the best accuracy condition after years of operation.

Double column machining Centre
Milling Machine

Milling Machine

5HP powerful motor is Standard with the Pinnacle PK range, combined with the flexibility of an extra wide table working area of “54 x 10” providing an essential asset for most manufacturing firms.

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